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www.YosDiveBali.com - With almost 30 years experience in the marine business on the island, we are always ready to assist you to have a tailor made Daily Dive Trips, Dive Package, Dive Safari, PADI Dive Courses, Individual Dive Trips and Snorkeling.

YOS Marine Adventures (YOS Dive Bali) is registered as an active member of the PADI International Resort Association.

YOS Marine Adventures (YOS Dive Bali) has been appointed by many leading hotels and resorts in Bali to provide introductory Discover Scuba Diving at their pool in order to augment and enhance their existing In-house recreational programs




The dive sites in Nusa Dua are easy to access and offer a descent of reef fishes. The sites are located just 10 minutes away from the main operation base of YOS Marine Adventures (YOS Dive Bali) and are perfect for novice diver or first dive after a long break as a refresher.

If you stay in the south of Bali (Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Sanur, Kuta, or Seminyak) this is a perfect dive site for those who want to brush up on their diving skills. This is also a good place for those who wish to discover scuba diving and who intend to learn more about scuba diving. The home base of the most facilities of YOS Marine Adventures (YOS Dive Bali) is here where you can find the white sandy beach for your leisure and a nice place for snorkeling. Hard corals, soft corals and various beautiful coral fishes can be seen just 10 minutes by boat from the beach.

Reef : Slope
Depth : 3 to 15 meters
Access : Boat Dive, 5 to 10 minutes by boat
Visibility : 10 – 20 meters
Current : Gentle
Coral : Good variety of hard and soft coral
Fish : Good variety
Highlight : Feeding frenzy
Other : Water temperature can be cold and current is unpredictable at times
Recommended for all level


Amed is also called Cemeluk. It takes 2.5 hours drive from our main operation base. The reef of Amed curves around a rock out-cropping. The drop-off to about 50 meters and is populating by staggering number of fish at the most variety in Bali. It is only occasionally currents in Amed. The dive sites can be reached directly from the beach either by boat.

This is an excellent dive spot, especially for macro underwater photography. The variety of fishes in groups together with the pleasant low current is an utmost experience for beginners as well as experienced divers.

Reef : Coastal Reef, Flats, Slope and Drop Off
Depth : 4 to 50 meters
Access : Boat Dive and Beach Dive
Visibility : Good, 10 – 30 meters
Current : Mild
Coral : Unique, it has the best hard and soft corals in Bali
Fish : Great variety
Highlight : Density of fish on the wall
Other : Good variety of coral right off the beach
Recommended for all level


No doubt, these three sister islands, are one of the best dive sites in the world and can be reached in 60 minutes from Tanjung Benoa harbor – Nusa Dua or in 45 minutes from Padang Bay harbor by fast power boats.

These islands offer a perfect dive adventure for the experienced divers. Strong but predictable current can be expected at anytime therefore we ensure personalized service with a ratio of two guests to one experienced Divemaster.

On these dive sites you have the chance to see turtles, sharks, mantas, ton of swarms coral fishes and if you are lucky you may encounter MOLA MOLA (Sunfish) during July to October.

The best dive spots are in the channel between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan.

Reef : Drop Off, steep slopes
Depth : 3 to 45 meters
Access : Boat Dive
Visibility : Good, 15 – 50 meters
Current : Moderate to very strong
Coral : Very good variety of soft and hard corals
Fish : Great variety of large fish
Highlight : Mantas, Sharks and Turtles are often is insight
Other : The temperature can be very cold, unpredictable currents. Occasionally oceanic Sunfish is insight
Recommended for experienced divers, beginners with special guidance only


An easy access to several dive sites (Blue Lagoon, Amuk Bay) by local traditional boat (jukung) to explore the variety of hard corals, soft corals and beautiful tropical coral fishes. This makes the place popular for divers, underwater photographers and snorkeler as well. On good days, you can encounter almost everything here. Currents exist permanently, however not necessarily very strong. It’s highly recommended for family outing.

Reef : Mixed Reef, Sandy Bottom
Depth : 3 to 20 meters
Access : Boat Dive
Visibility : 10 – 25 meters
Current : Gentle, 1 to 2 knots
Coral : Scattered and various
Fish : Good diversity
Highlight : Large school and Rays
Other : Strong surf at times
Recommended for all level


This breathtaking three rocks dive site is located in front of Candidasa and can be reached just 30 minutes by traditional local boat (jukung) from Padang Bay harbor. Due to its strong current, this is a site where you can find different shark types at home and also some pelagic fishes. The opportunity to do current-dive for experienced divers is a delicacy, as it is a unique and interesting dive spot. Diving experience is required as the current can get very strong along with downdrafts and surges.

Reef : Steep Coral Wall, Underwater Canyon
Depth : 40 meters
Access : Boat Dive
Visibility : 10 - 25 meters
Current : Can be very strong, more than 5 knots and tricky
Coral : Variety and excellent coverage
Fish : Numerous
Highlight : Underwater Canyon, Sharks and Pelagic Fish, Mantas & Turtles are also often insight
Other : Down Draft currents. Can be very cold
Recommended only for experienced divers


A popular and dramatic dive site well-known for its shipwreck USAT Liberty which was torpedoed by the Japanese during the World War II. The shipwreck laid on black volcanic sand at 5 – 30 meters depth and close to the shore. This dive site is also very popular among world well known underwater photographer. There can’t be any other wish than to see the large variety of fish over here and not far from the shipwreck there is a wall with variety of hard corals, soft corals and beautiful tropical coral fishes.

Reef : Liberty Shipwreck, Drop Off
Depth : 3 to 30 meters
Access : Beach Dive
Visibility : 10 - 35 meters
Current : None
Coral : Good variety of hard and soft corals
Fish : Excellent in variety and number
Highlight : Full moon night dive on the wreck
Other : Fish on the wreck feed regularly, sometimes crowded
Recommended for all level


This tiny island with its interesting variety of dive sites is located within the WEST BALI NATIONAL PARK. From Labuan Lalang the island is accessed by local wooden boats in about 30 minutes. Beautiful coral walls are crowded by an abundant number of fish. Excellent visibility and very gentle current make this dive site an outstanding and memorable experience.

Reef : Walls, particularly rugged
Depth : 5 to 40 meters
Access : Boat or Beach Dive
Visibility : Very good, 25 – 40 meters
Current : Gentle
Coral : Abundant numbers and variety, soft corals
Fish : Excellent in variety and number
Highlight : Wall dive
Other : Large variety of parrot fish, black-tips ref sharks are often insight
Recommended for all level

(Certified Diver)

BALI is one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia. It is not only culturally rich and physically a beautiful land, but it has also a marvelous underwater surrounding the island. Let’s join Bali’s most exciting dive trip!

The following services are included:


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(Same Day)

Night dive lovers can continue their trip and experience the night dive after day dives at Nusa Dua or Tulamben.

Note: Strobe / Flash Light is extra and can be rented at US$ 10.00 net

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(Certified Diver)

Dive Package is a valuable package for Dive-Enthusiast. The trip starts and finishes at your hotel everyday. Our dive masters are delighted to give you free information and consultation at any time.

The following services are included:


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(Non Certified Diver)

Discover the Exciting Adventure, Feel the Freedom and Serenity. It is so Easy! This program offers short and simple procedures for anyone who wants to experience diving for the first time. First, your PADI Instructor or dive master will provide a brief orientation, and then take you on your first underwater adventure to get familiar with the scuba equipment and get accustomed to your new world. Finally, under our instructor’s careful supervision, you’ll go on an actual Scuba Dive and get a close-up look at the underwater world.

Only a diver knows this feeling. This is just the beginning, many are addicted to this.

The following services are included:


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PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructor is the world’s largest and most popular diver training organization, with instructor and facilities in more than 175 countries and territories.
PADI is the only diver training organization to receive recognition from ACE the American Council on Education and many similar organizations internationally.

The PADI Certifications Programs will allow you to learn Scuba Diving and offer you all necessary skills and knowledge to explore the underwater world independently and safe. Let’s join the fun now! This is the best present in your life!

The following services are included:

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PADI Open Water Diver Course
(Non Certified Diver)

This is the single most popular diving course in the world. Open Water Diver is the first level of PADI Scuba Certification which allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters / 60 feet.
This is your passport to the exciting adventure in the underwater world.

Program for Open Water Diver Course:

Location : Nusa Dua

Price : US$ 535.00 per person

The following services are included:

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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
(2 Days Program)

New Experiences, New Skills, Lots of Diving and Thrilling Adventures.
Whether you are newly certified or have hundreds of dive logged, the PADI Advanced Open Water Program gives you Confidence, Skills, and Experience to take you to new levels of Excitement.
What makes your pulse race?
What ignites your imagination?

PADI Advanced Open Water Training offers something for everyone. This in-water, performance based course includes:

Program for Advanced Diver Course:

Location : Nusa Dua & Tulamben

Price : US$ 485.00 per person

The following services are included:

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PADI Emergency First Response
(1 Day)

Do you want to be ready in emergency?
Then this program is for you.

The PADI Emergency First Response program covers basic training for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and emergency care. In addition, it’s a medically based program covering primary care, secondary care and treatments following national consensus guidelines.

The program is designed for divers and non-divers, and also meets the CPR and first aid prerequisite for earning your PADI Rescue Diver rating.

So if you are seeking CPR/first aid training to meet a diving program requirement or for personal enhancement, this program is for you.

Program : Class Room, 1 Day

Location : Nusa Dua

Price : US$ 250.00 per person

The following services are included:

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PADI Rescue Diver Course

The PADI Rescue Diver Course makes the serious subject of accident prevention and management enjoyable and rewarding. Until now, the emphasis of your training has been you and your buddy: the Rescue Diver Course teaches you to make diving more safe and enjoyable for others as well as yourself.

Program for Rescue Diver Course:
You have to be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver and have completed PADI Emergency First Response or a sanctioned program in CPR within the past 24 months to get into the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

Location : Nusa Dua

Price : US$ 465.00 per person

The following services are included:

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(For Certified Diver)

Dive Safari is a dive package that is inclusive overnight stay at Standard Tourist Class Hotel. The Tours start from your hotel and finish at the selected hotel in Nusa Dua or Sanur (South of Bali) or Candidasa (East of Bali) or Pemuteran (Northwest of Bali) area. On the last day of the trips you will be transferred back to your private-booked hotel. Diving spots are chosen as per your wish. Please contact us at yosdivebali@gmail.com for further information and prices.

The following services are inclusive:


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(For Certified and Non-Certified Diver)

A Dive Package included overnight stay at an appointed Hotel.
For further arrangement please contact us at yosdivebali@gmail.com

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Glide through the tropical waters and enjoy the richness variety of Bali underwater world. Our guide will escort you to discover the exciting coral and colorful fishes. Don’t forget to take an underwater camera with you!

The following services are included:


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You can make your holiday in Bali more exciting by chartering a private power boat with your family or friends. Our team is ready to help you to make the necessary arrangement. Don’t miss it.

The following services are included:

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Enjoy an unforgettable trip to the South of Bali where those amazing Mammals live freely in Indian Ocean, their Natural Habitat. The Tours starts every morning.

PRIVATE TOUR (Min. 2 Persons) - US$ 125.00 per Person
SHARING TOUR (Min. 4 Persons) - US$ 105.00 per Person

The following services are included:

If no dolphin seen during the tour, we will compensate with snorkeling trip at Nusa Dua are

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For those who have limited time, join us for the marine sports, you’ll get the exciting fun.

The following services are included:


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Main Operation Base:
It is about 15 minutes drive away from Bali International Airport.

Jl. Pintas Lagun No. 3
Nusa Dua, Bali - INDONESIA

Phone: +62 361 773774, 775438, 775440
Fax: +62 361 775439
WA: +62 87 860 843 759
Mobile: +62 85 238 528 688
Email: yosdivebali@gmail.com
Web: www.yosdivebali.com

Branch Operation Base:
Located right on the beach of Pemuteran Village in the Northwest Bali. It is about a few minutes away from Taman Nasional Bali Barat (West Bali National Park) and it is not far from Lovina.

Pemuteran, Gerokgak, Northwest Bali

Phone: +62 813 3877 9941
Fax: +62 365 61600